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My name is Butch Haller.  I've been called many things in my time - womanizer, home-wrecker, D-bag, A-hole.....but most commonly I am know as the world's foremost master of the Telecaster and possibly the most prolific and talented songwriter of all time.  

I've wrote a whole heap of songs and mostly they been stolen from me.  Nowadays I spend my time in bars, theatres, amphitheatres, halls, legions, backyards, casinos and mitzvahs showing people where all their favourite songs came from.  


Me....they came from me.

And I'm taking them back.  One party at a time.

Speaking of which - I'd like to appear at *your* party.  Contact me here for details.

Thank you kindly,

Richard J. Haller

butch haller and his chesterfield ramblers
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