My name is Butch Haller.  I wrote a lot of songs what was stolen from me.  This here internet page is going to help me take them back.

If you're having a wedding, a bar-mitzvah, a bat-mitzvah (any sort of mitzvah really...), a backyard party, tailgate party or any sort of an event involving a buffet, please contact me.  I'd be happy to come and play my songs for you.


Happy Anniversary Hooligans!

Holy sheep shit!! Hooigans 19 year anniversry Party was a real bonafied HOOT!! that place was filled to the rafters and spilled out into the street with people. They made us do a whole set MORE as an encore!!! never had that before. Listen folks: you keep tossin 20 dollar bills in that suitcase, and i will keep thinkin up songs when it comes encore time like that. I was/am impressed ya'll could dance for damned long. Anyhow, Happy Anniversary Hooligans, these days it takes a tremendous group of people to keep the doors open for 10 years, not only have you managed this but youve cultivated a great crowd that supports you. youre clearly doing a lot right. i wish you many more decades of succes

Turns out, the Dakota Tavern is actually in Toronto

We had us a time there at Dakota Tavern, they danced all night. We didnt play our last notes until well after two AM and the whole room stayed. Thats a mighty good feelin i will tell you what. The Staff at The Dakota are some of the finest people available. good folks. alwawys plenty kind to me, Shiraz and Eric. Big thank you to Shawn Creamer as always. See you at THE HAYLOFT in prince edward on the 28th. If you'd like to Book me for your Christmas or Chanukah party....you best say your pieces about now. time is nigh. Thank you B.H

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