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Happy Anniversary Hooligans!

Holy sheep shit!! Hooigans 19 year anniversry Party was a real bonafied HOOT!! that place was filled to the rafters and spilled out into the street with people. They made us do a whole set MORE as an encore!!! never had that before. Listen folks: you keep tossin 20 dollar bills in that suitcase, and i will keep thinkin up songs when it comes encore time like that. I was/am impressed ya'll could dance for damned long. Anyhow, Happy Anniversary Hooligans, these days it takes a tremendous group of people to keep the doors open for 10 years, not only have you managed this but youve cultivated a great crowd that supports you. youre clearly doing a lot right. i wish you many more decades of success. Keep your one good eye peeled for Butch Haller appearing back at Hooligans some time during your christmas Holidays. Love. Richard J Haller Esq.

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